Focused on Clients and Their Needs

“We want to thank Claire Ryan for helping us on our home purchasing process. Claire Ryan is an excellent Broker. Her service was outstanding and her attention to detail-superb! Moreover, her first concern was her client and that was greatly appreciated. Claire is an individual who can see past the paperwork and the numbers and focus on her clients and their needs. She was able to provide complete information and insight so that we could make informed decisions and protect our interests. From Step One, forming the search criteria to the final closing transaction, Claire never lost sight of specific needs and concerns. She possesses remarkable ability to work with people to make them feel comfortable and good about their decisions. She is always available for us and easily accessible at her home, office or mobile phone. Having Claire as the Broker we can count on to keep things going is a tremendous relief for us when buying our home. We really appreciate how she took care of all details and kept us informed. We especially apopreciate that she made great effort and even sacrificed her own interest in order to facilitate the seller and the buyer to solve problems quickly. We also greatly appreciate her high values and integrity. We had total confidence in her. We highly recomend her to anyone needing a Realtor! She deserves a medal for the most helpful, supportive,available realtor! We moved into our new home two weeks ago and we are very happy in our new house. Thanks again and we wish your team the greatest of success!”

— V. & H. Pang